Water Damage Restoration Playa Vista

Our Green water damage restoration team in Playa Vista is prompt and efficient. They try their best to salvage as quickly and as much as possible so you get back to your life sooner than you expected. We use only organic cleaning solutions that do not leave behind pungent smelling harmful toxins. So you get a hygienically cleaned home that is safe to live for your kids, pets and also those suffering from allergies.

Green Water Damage Restoration Playa Vista: Why Acting Promptly is Important

Every minute counts, when you face situations such as an emergency flooding in your basement or a broken pipe that wreaks havoc in your home. However, you have very little time to react. The best thing to do at that time, instead of trying to do it yourself, is to call flood clean up services, and who else is best than our Green water damage restoration services in Playa Vista?

Emergency water removal requires expert help and our Green water damage restoration team will help you with water removal and water extraction where needed. Once we receive your call, you can expect help to reach you within 45 minutes.So within an hour, our crew carrying state-of-the-art equipment will be there to undertake flood cleaning services.

Our experts understand that water damage can have a serious impact on your valuable like carpets, expensive furniture and other valuables. Besides, water damage if left unattended can also impact the structural integrity of your home. Our water damage restoration and recovery process focuses on people and property with minim damage to either.

Green Water Damage Restoration Playa Vista: Why Choose Us?

When you have your basement flooded or if you witness a mini flood in your home, then time is extremely crucial. We have a 24×7 response and get to action very quickly.

Our Green water damage restoration experts at Playa Vista are thoroughly trained to assess both seen and unseen damage. They use sensors like hygrometers and moisture detectors to understand the extent of the damage. They are also adept at handling the pressure and make the homeowners understand the demands of the process and explain each and every step.

Once the crucial steps of drying, dehumidifying and deodorizing are done the whole home is disinfected ensuring minimal damage to property and human beings. Being original experts at carpet cleaning, we offer additional services like drying wet carpet, rugs and upholstered furniture with great care. What’s more, we also deal with your insurance provider for claim settlement. 

Green Water Damage Restoration Playa Vista: Services We Provide

  • Emergency water removal
  • Flood cleanup services
  • Drying flooded and wet carpet
  • Water extraction
  • Deodorization and stain removal service

Green Water Damage Restoration Playa Vista: How We Carry Out Flood Clean-Up Services

  • Water is removed by extraction equipment brought physically to your home. Water is extracted from all areas including hard to reach areas such as under the carpet and from beneath the furniture.
  • Professional dehumidifying equipment is used for drying the affected areas. We ensure that humidity levels return to normal. Special instruments are put in use to identify hidden pockets of water.
  • Proper extraction and use of efficient drying techniques help reduce possibility of secondary damage and possible fungi growth.
  • Our professionals monitor the drying process and also reposition drying equipment as needed.

Green Water Damage Restoration Playa Vista: What Can You Do Before Help Arrives

  • Try and stop the water at the source
  • To avoid any short circuit, switch off all electrical appliances. Do not use home vacuum or shop vacuum to remove the water.
  • Make sure nobody including pets are on the wet carpet
  • Remove furniture to avoid them from permanent rusting
  • Remove any breakables, electronics, high value items, and items that are likely to stain floor coverings.
  • Do not turn on fan or air conditioning as it might spread the contamination

Call in our Green water damage restoration team as soon as you notice flood damage in your home. Our team will act promptly and efficiently and help restore your home as soon as possible. Call us now at (310) 933-6697