Hardwood Floor Cleaning Playa Vista

Our Green hardwood floor cleaning service in Playa Vista offers the best hardwood floor cleaning job. Cleaning hardwood floors is not an easy task as simple mopping or brushing only helps to remove the dust on top. To remove dirt from deep crevices and cracks and make the floor shine like new you should hire our organic hardwood floor cleaning service in Playa Vista. As we make use of only organic solutions which do not even have a trace of chemicals, we help to improve the air quality of your room as well.

Green Steam Hardwood Floor Cleaning Playa Vista: Why You Need Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Traditional and routine hardwood cleaning methods used by homeowners just pushes the dirt from one corner to the other. Our specially trained Green hardwood floor cleaning technicians at Playa Vista use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to remove dirt and grease.

Our organic hardwood floor cleaning service in Playa Vista offers more than just simple cleaning. We extract the hidden dirt to make the floor clean and hygienic and also apply a finishing coat to retain the shine.

Our Green hardwood floor cleaning experts at Playa Vista employ a unique method of high speed rotary brush and organic cleaning solution to reach out to the stubborn dirt and pollutants. We use a strong vacuum to remove the dirt while the professionals clean the floor with the solution. The best results for hardwood floor cleaning can be derived from hand cleaning as it is the only way to reach the most difficult corners of the room. The entire cleaning process is non-toxic and absolutely safe for children and the elderly.

Green Steam Hardwood Floor Cleaning Playa Vista: Tips to Protect Hardwood Floor

After cleaning, it is important to protect the flooring. A maintenance coat is applied following the cleaning to keep the floor shining and also extend the durability of the floor. The coat dries up fast and creates a protective layer against water and other damages thereby preserving the beauty of the floor.

The best cleaning agent is a pH neutral cleaner. While a high pH cleaner successfully dissolves dirt and grease, it does a lot of harm to the floor. With the dirt, the shine is also reduced and the floor becomes dull. So ourGreen hardwood floor cleaning crew in Playa Vista uses organic pH neutralizer that retains the luster of the floor and also removes the grease and dirt. 

Green Steam Hardwood Floor Cleaning Playa Vista: How We Clean

  • At the outset we identify dark spots and pet stains. Potential trouble and dirty areas are recognized.
  • Vacuum cleaning is done to remove loose dust and other particles.
  • The dirt and grime is removed with cleaning solution. High powered vacuum is used to remove the persistent dirt leaving the floor dry.
  • Our experts then follow it up with hand cleaning for removing dirt and stains from the edges and corners. Microfiber cloth is also used to clean the dirt that is left behind after hand cleaning.
  • To give a shine to the floor, a neutralizing solution is used which helps the floor to stay clean for long.

Green Steam Hardwood Floor Cleaning Playa Vista: We Offer Prompt Services You Can Count On

Our Green hardwood floor cleaning service in Playa Vista offers efficient and organic hardwood floor cleaning.What’s more, our services are extremely prompt and our response time is mere 45 minutes. We are available round the clock so you can call us anytime that suits your convenience. We will be there even after the sunsets or in the wee hours of the morning. Our Green hardwood floor cleaning technicians are trained to offer service with a smile. They are always courteous and will cause least disturbance while they carry on with their work.

So, anytime you want to give your hardwood floors a gentle clean up so it can impress your guests at home or clients in office just give us a call at (310) 933-6697. Our well-equipped Green hardwood floor cleaning crew will reach your home or office within an hour!